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NBBP Outreach Plan:

  1. The Program will provide education to Navajo allotment owners (shareholders).
  2. Develop and maintain a mailing list of shareholders including attempts of creating contact information on those whereabouts are unknown. (WAUs).
  3. Notify eligible shareholders of the opportunity to sell their interests.
  4. Identify shareholders willing to sell.
  5. Disseminate and provide information on the Program including answering questions and offering services to help complete their interest packets.

The Program Office will follow the details outlined for these goals, including Pre-Offer and Post-Offer Outreach activities which may not be limited to: hosting outreach events, attending local, community, agency-wide meetings, releasing public service announcements, paid advertisements in print, radio, TV, and social media, distribute flyers, and posters, allowing for walk-in sessions, mailing of educational material and follow-up visits to interested residents.

The Navajo BBP Offices will perform only outreach activities to inform the public about the opportunity for allotment owners to consider selling their share interests.

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